Woodstock Society – Professor Marcus du Sautoy – 16th December

The Woodstock Society will hold another Zoom presentation on Monday December,16th 2020.at 8.00 pm
We are delighted to welcome Professor Marcus du Sautoy, OBE ,FRS, who holds the Charles Simonyi Chair of the Public Understanding of Science at Oxford University.

Professor du Sautoy has written many academic papers on mathematics and has made numerous appearances in the media and will present a lecture entitled The Creativity Code.

He was the speaker at the Royal Institute Christmas lecture in 2006.
His publications include
2008 . The Story of Maths
2011. The Code
2013  Precision: The Measure of all Things

In addition Professor du Sautoy has made numerous contributions to the popular Programme ‘ The School of Hard Sums’ presented by Dara ‘O’ Britain, and published articles in The Guardian ‘ So People Hate Maths …Here’s my plan to make it work for them’ and an article in the Telegraph entitled ‘Music and Symmetry’ which illustrates how maths is present in almost every aspect of our lives. Professor du Sautoy will no doubt enthuse us with his presentation.

His latest book ‘The Creativity Code’, published by 4th Estate in Hardback 2019 and more recently in paperback 2020, is now available.

All members should receive emails to join the Zoom meeting and access our website
www.woodstocksociety .org for details of membership fees and 2021 events.
The Committee take the opportunity to wish you all well for Christmas and the NewYear
and hope we can all meet in person in 2021.

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