Webinar – Churchill’s Daughters – Wednesday 14th April

Wednesday 14th April at 19:30

In conversation with author, Rachel Trethewey

Bright, attractive and well-connected, in any other family the Churchill girls – Diana, Sarah, Marigold and Mary – would have shone. But they were not in any other family, they were Churchills and neither they nor anyone else could ever forget it. From their father – ‘the greatest Briton’ – to their brother, golden boy Randolph and their eccentric and exciting cousins, the Mitford Girls, they were surrounded by a clan of larger-than- life characters which often saw them overlooked. While Marigold died too young to achieve her potential the other daughters lived lives full of passion, drama and tragedy.

Drawing on previously unpublished family letters from the Churchill archives, Trethewey relays a story of extremes that takes the reader from Hollywood to Holloway prison, from the summits of power to the depths of despair. But the lasting image of the Churchill girls is not one of tragedy. Diana, Sarah and Mary were, like their father and mother, courageous, and despite their challenges all three women lived life to the full.