Darl-e & the Bear – Symbiosis: art and nature – 21st August to 4 October 2020

Erum Aamir | Edwin Aitken | Laura Ellen Bacon | Jan Bowman | Ella Clocksin | Alex Devol | Charlotte Johnston | Mandy Payne | Richard Perry | Joseph Bull & Oxford University Kilns Project

Darl-e and the Bear are delighted to present the group show ‘symbiosis: art and nature’

Artists have been enthused by nature for as long as there has been art, to quote Henri Matisse

“An artist must possess nature. He must identify himself with her rhythm, by efforts that will prepare the mastery which will later enable him to express himself in his own language.“

With our entrance into the Anthropocene and the ever-increasing debate around climate change, humanity’s relationship with nature is continually scrutinised. This exhibition recognises the  independence of both the ‘natural’ and the ‘made’ through an understanding of the hidden roots that intertwine and connect us with the natural world.

Symbiosis defines a close and long-term biological interaction, and typically refers to a mutually beneficial relationship. In reference to the present discourse around nature and humanity, symbiosis can be used to question our negative and/or positive relationships with the natural world.

Both our individual and collective response to nature is explored through and in art, and what we create, not just by the artist but also by the spectator.

The artworks within this exhibition show that a reciprocal union can be formed from the desire to work with, and create, beautiful objects or images that use, reflect, or are representative of the beauty that surrounds us.

There is something so basic, so natural in the hand that the urge to utilise its power will always make itself felt. Moreover, the chief characteristic of handcrafts is that they maintain by their very nature a direct link to the human heart, so that the work always partakes of a human quality
Yanagi Sõetsu

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