Woodstock Society – London Oxford Airport ….. All You Need to Know – 16th September

The Woodstock Society will begin the 2019/2020 programme on Monday Sept 16th. at 8.00pm

St. Hugh’s  Hall,  Road, Woodstock OX20 1JL

We are delighted to welcome James Dillon -Godfray, Head of Business Development at London Oxford Airport who will begin our 54th season with a talk entitled London Oxford Airport ….. All You Need to Know .

With increased awareness of environmental issues regarding traffic, pollution and noise members will be invited to ask questions about future developments and indeed the advantages of having such a facility in the heart of Oxfordshire.


In the early eighties James trained as an aeronautical engineer at the de Havilland training school, Hatfield, under a technician apprenticeship with British Aerospace (BAe Systems).

He subsequently joined British Aerospace’s Hawker 125 business jet sales team, dispatched to cover the Asia Pacific region for the next eight years.   From Shanghai to Sydney, James handled private jet sales prospects including military ‘special missions’ and prime ministerial flight operations.  Based in Tokyo for much of that period, BAe sold well over one and a half billion dollars’ worth of Hawker 125 aircraft, primarily in Japan and Korea.

After 11 years at BAe Systems, then Raytheon, James worked for Air Hanson, a private aircraft charter, sales and engineering support business and major VIP helicopter operator, selling Sikorsky, McDonnell Douglas and Raytheon (Beechcraft) aircraft products in the UK, Ireland, Pakistan and Romania.

In the late nineties, James went to Oxford Airport, home of Europe’s largest professional pilot training school, Oxford Aviation Training.   Initially focused on the engineering side, he marketed the services of CSE Aviation, at the time, a major player in the general aviation support field and a key Cessna and Schweizer aircraft dealer.   James then moved over to the airport operations side of the group in 2003 to develop and diversify activities at the airport with a primary focus on business aviation, enhance the airport’s commercial capabilities and ultimately prepare for its sale in 2008. Subsequently, the new and current owners of the airport also acquired the London Heliport in Battersea in 2012.

In early 2014, James joined Marshall Aviation Services in Cambridge airport focused on engineering and design services, aircraft sales, operations, aircraft management, charter, refurbishment and upgrades and building VIP passenger handling facilities.

After two years at Cambridge, James returned to London Oxford Airport in to resume his previous role in the ongoing development of the airport.