Oxfordshire Museum – 20 Years of Treasure – 23rd September to 31st March

The aim of the exhibition is to celebrate 20 years of both the Treasure Act and the Portable Antiquities scheme and its contribution to our understanding of Oxfordshire’s history. It will also cover what people can do if they find something themselves and what the role of the Finds Liaison Officer is.

All of the objects on display have been found over the last 20 years by local people and metal detectorists. They include both treasure finds and also items that have been recorded by the Portable Antiquities Scheme. Many of the objects have made their way into the county’s permanent collections but there will also be examples of objects that were recorded and then returned to their finder.

Objects range from clay pipes and pots to gold coin hoards and Elizabethan rings. Recent acquisitions such as a beautifully decorated pair of Roman callipers will be on display for the first time.