Cotswold Hare Trail 2017

The on-line auction for the hares and leverets is now open – have you placed your bid yet ? Get your ticket to attend the excitement of the public auction in October, only £20 but hurry as there is a limited number of tickets available. The 2017 Cotswold Hare trail is a not for profit Arts Festival … read more about the festival. The net profits from the festival go to the National Star charity and also to support local historical projects in Cotswold towns.

Online auction

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We would like to thank our sponsors as follows; The Real Wood Furniture Company; Flowers Estate Agents; Iona House Gallery, Kyffin Gallery and Dantzig Gallery; Art in Woodstock; The New Theatre Oxford and National Theatre London

Each hare is highly decorated by chosen artists to reflect a theme chosen by the sponsor or sponsors.  They were placed around the town and were part of the overall Cotswold Trail.  More details about the other towns taking part are on the Cotswold Hare Trail website: