Soldiers of Oxfordshire Museum – Art in Conflict – 28th September to 26th October

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Thursday 28-Sep Private View
Friday 29-Sep 10am- 7pm
Saturday 30-Sep 10am- 5pm
Sunday 01-Oct CLOSED
Monday 02-Oct CLOSED
Tuesday 03-Oct CLOSED
Wednesday 04-Oct 10am- 7pm
Thursday 05-Oct 10am- 7pm
Friday 06-Oct 10am- 7pm
Saturday 07-Oct 10am- 7pm
Sunday 08-Oct 2pm-5pm
Monday 09-Oct CLOSED
Tuesday 10-Oct 10am- 7pm

From 11- 26 October the exhibition will be open during Soldiers of Oxfordshire Museum opening times. Please see website:


Graham Dean
David Freud
Pete Sherrard
Milena Michalski
David Smith
Martin Miller
Rod Craig
Carlo Chinca
Peter Ross
Sara Shamma